"ATA Delegate Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
            Past ATA President          
Utah ATA Delegate

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Past ATA President
Utah ATA Delegate
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​February 2024

As I write this, it’s mid-January when most people with spare time sit around the house and try to stay warm. Me included. We have about four inches of snow in the valley, more in the mountains, with more predicted daily for a week. With that being said, there aren’t any ATA shoots going on this month. I looked at our State Association’s shoot calendar and noted that we have tournaments during nine months of the year. Absent are November, January, and February.

Meat shoots are pretty well over. However, I believe Tooele Gun Club will host a Super Bowl shoot.

The Spring Grand and the Southern Grand are things to start looking forward to. Both are in warmer climates, something to consider if you have the time. Both places offer family activities in and around the towns.

If you were bored this winter, here 
is a fun thing you could have done 
with Quint and Tiffany Sudbury. 
First, let me digress a little bit. In 
mid-September, Quint and Tiffany 
got married. I asked them what 
they were going to do next. In 
unison, they replied, “We’re going 
to Disneyland!” They sounded like a commercial. They did go to Disneyland!

On January 14th, the newlyweds ran in the Disneyland half marathon. I am happy to say they both completed the race and enjoyed running through the parks. Congratulations to both on their accomplishments, marriage, and the race!

Here is my useless trivia of the month and a continuation of the Disneyland theme. For years, I always wore a Mickey Mouse baseball cap. Why, you may ask? Around 1994, I walked by a Disney store in the mall and saw a Mickey hat on display. I erroneously thought, “I think my wife (Joy) would like that.” After a short education on what type of presents a woman likes, I decided to wear the hat myself. As fate would have it, I seemed to have good luck shooting in the Mickey hat. I only competed in a Mickey hat for approximately the next 22 years, until I became an Executive Committee (EC) member. Now that my term on the EC is over, I think Mickey will probably come out of self-imposed retirement this season.