"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
             WESTERN ZONE
           & UTAH ATA Delegate

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Thanks & keep shooting 'til 
Mickey says stop!

Western Zone  &
Utah ATA Delegate
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May 2022

Finally, we are in full swing of trapshooting season!

Starting with the three-day shoot at Purgatory Clay Sports:
Beautiful weather, terrible turnout. I don’t know if it is a sign of things to come, gas, shells, travel distance, food, etc. Whatever the reason, it was sad to see squads at most when the conditions were so nice. 

Tyeli Cook earned a half yard to the 22-yard line for the high handicap score on Friday with a 95. Joel Laborde also earned a half yard for the high score of 94 on Sunday’s premier handicap. Nice shooting to both of you.

Father and son Avery and Casey Fitzgerald
 (Avery being ATA Rookie of the Year) told me 
they had both made the 27-yard line in August. 
I happened to have a couple of  27-yard pins 
with me. I had their number one fan and 
cheerleader, Brandy, present the pins to them.
Great shooting, guys. I appreciate the support
 your family has  given to this sport over the
 last few years.

Next came a one day shoot in Ogden:
Attendance was a disappointment here, as 
well. Haylie Peay and Quint Sudbury were high in the twin bird race with 96s. Quint also had a field high 100 in singles. Doug Devries and Scott Pearce each earned half a yard for their high scores of 94.

Golden Spike Gun Club was next: 

                                      The prediction of cold and windy weather kept a lot of people
                                      home, I am sure. Several notable highlights on Sunday: Ava                                                Ladue broke her first ever 100 in singles.  Approximately two
                                      years ago, I wrote about Ava after she broke her first 25 ever in                                          singles. Nice progress, Ava.

Bradley Peay (son of Jared, and brother of Haylie) had a high score of
 99 in handicap which moved him to the 21.5-yard line.  

Ava and Bradley are both 15 years old and are two of the young guns
 that seem to always be happy. 

Now, for my monthly bit on totally useless trivia.
Golden Spike Gun Club is located in Brigham City, Utah. Its name came
“Driving of the Golden Spike” that united the Central Pacific Railroad from
 Sacramento, California, and the Union Pacific Railroad from Omaha, Nebraska, to form the First Transcontinental Railroad. This union took place at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory, on May 10, 1869. Promontory Point is about 30 miles west of Brigham City. There is a lot of pioneer history in this area. If you remember, this is what caused the “Pony Express” to die after a short one and a half years.

Years ago, Golden Spike Gun Club gave away buckles that were made with inlays depicting a spike in the middle. Not the best-looking buckle, but unique nonetheless.

We lost another one of our old-time shooters recently. Franklin Zupon from Price, Utah, passed away on February 14, 2022. Frank started shooting registered targets in 1972 and was very ac-tive until 1996, and fully retired from shooting in 2008. In his day, Frank was a great shot carrying tremendous averages of 99 in singles, 95 in handicap, and 97 in doubles. Frank made the State Team several times.